Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Protect VBA Code Retired

We have decided to retire our Protect VBA Code software, after several months of research and development.
Unfortunately, we couldn’t improve the protection to protect the customers VBA code to the level required by our quality standards, while keeping the software features we consider important (no runtimes or executables to deploy, reliability, easy to implement, etc.).

We apologize to our customers!
All new customers can, if they are unsatisfied with this situation, contact us for a full refund within 30 days of their purchase, no questions asked.

Dombaj Soft will soon release several new products, including several developer and MS Office related tools. All Protect VBA Code customers are entitled to a discount for the next purchase of any   Dombaj Soft product, in the amount of $19.95 (the price of Protect VBA Code). Please contact us via email for details.

In the next few days a new version of Protect VBA Code will be released with the focus on compatibility and reliability. Unfortunately, we cannot guaranty support for the versions of MS Office beyond the 2013 versions of the products.
All customers will be able to download the new version using the old download URL and the setup password.

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